2023 Elections: Nigerians Should Say No To Vote- purchasing



Nigeria’s subsequent typical election is by the nook and the country has currently turn into a fight flooring for our out-of-date, comprehending and egocentric political leaders, who do not have anything to provide nevertheless relatively hold recycling themselves for their very own egocentric interest.

Despite signing the “Not Too Young To run Act” they declined to allows the youths run by promoting the election and expression of interest ranges at expensive charges. Where in the world might would the youths have gotten the 10s of millions just to safe tickets with out including the so-called godfathers who are normally not keen to let go?

The most horrible aspect is that nearly all youths are hectic jubilating and commemorating the out-of-date political leaders due to peanuts offered to them from the money they got unlawfully in trade for his/her votes. As Professor Wole Soyinka as quickly as discussed, “it is only in Nigeria will thieves be regrouping to loot again and the youths whose future will be stolen will be celebrating it…..”


What in concerns to the abnormalities within the conduct of some get together significant elections? We all experienced how these corrupt political leaders provided their conscience in trade for “Ghana must go”, “dollars”, delighting in politics of materialistic propensities and aggrandizement within the just concluded House of Assembly, Governorship, National Assembly and Presidential Primaries of primary political occasions. They pick their get together agents in awful and awful techniques.

We have many more youthful and trustworthy youths who when provided the opportunity will do greater than these out-of-date arms nevertheless that might entirely be a mirage in Nigeria.


Last Saturday, 18th June, there was a governoship election in Ekiti state, the state of affairs report earlier than, throughout and after the election was a sorry case. Despirate political leaders have actually been discussed to have have interaction in “vote-buying and selling.” No political get together is exonerated from this claims has the very best bidder eventually safe the win.

Centre for Democracy and Development, CDD, discussed its subject observers recorded 41 cases of vote-buying and promoting at ballot brokers throughout 6 Local Government Areas through the governoship election.


50mindstives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC furthermore collared a suspect with a bag of cash as he was “inducing voters”

Party brokers have actually been worried in temptation as citizens have actually been supplied cash beginning with N3,000 to N10,000.

Nigerians should increase and state no to vote searching for. Let’s state no to those legislators who’ve turn into policy breakers. Let’s state no to recycled leaders, no to political godfatherism, no to political thuggery and no to no matter that has actually held us down on this country whilst we assemble for upcoming 2023 typical election.


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2023 Elections: Nigerians Should Say No To Vote- purchasing.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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