Agnes Nandutu worthless?, Minister Nandutu hospitalized


Agnes Nandutu, Minister of State for Karamoja Affairs, was required to a medical center after supposedly impacted by an embolism after an abrupt fall within the bathroom. Julius Mucunguzi, Adviser and Head of Communications at OPM, verified on Thursday 28 April 2022 that the minister had actually definitely been worried in a mishap and is at present getting healthcare.

Agnes Nandutu

“Yes, she did fall in the bathroom and had an accident, but she is receiving treatment,” Mukun Guzi didn’t provide extra details. “I can’t discuss the details of her health,” he included.

Nandutu can be a Buddha woman in parliament. Sources specified various ministers in her WhatsApp group had actually exposed her well being, they wanted her a fast remediation and others wished her.

Calls to her house went unanswered. Nandutu not too long ago took part in a community peace building convention inKaramoja “One thing I want to assure the people of Morotto is that you have made it clear that you are borrowing weapons from Turkana’s neighbors. I would like to ask you to stop borrowing weapons from Turkana to intimidate Residents of Karamoja,” she specified not too long earlier.

The minister blamed some neighborhoods for the continuing insecurity in Karamoja, which was blamed on hardship. However, she notified the people of Karamoja that this should not be a reason to have interaction in criminal activity as the federal government would action in to help the community out of hardship.

Agnes Nandutu worthless?, Minister Nandutu hospitalized.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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