Angelo Garcia, Ricky Martin’s Former Menudo Bandmate Reveals He Was Raped At The Age Of 11 


Former Menudo vocalist Angelo Garcia asserted that while a member of the young boy band, he was “raped numerous times.”

Who is Angelo Garcia?

The singer, who was just 11 when he signed up with the Latin group in 1988, declares that “predators” made the most of him and consistently attacked him while he belonged to the group for 2 years. I was consistently raped while I was residing in Menudo, which was how predators would make the most of me, he declared. Angelo Garcia entered into fantastic information on one declared sexual attack that he declared happened in his hotel space after he was served a beverage by an unknown male. In the upcoming HBO Max docuseries “Menudo: Forever Young,”.

What sort of abuse suffers Angelo Garcia?

He supposedly specified as follows: “All I remember was that I, like, blacked out. I knew I had been entered since I was bleeding and completely naked when I awoke. “I had these burn marks from the rug on my face,” I was actually perplexed and oblivious. While working for Svengali Edgardo Diaz, who was described as “their manager, producer, and father surrogate,” other members of the group, which had 32 various members throughout its very first 20-year run, consisting of Ricky Martin, likewise made claims of sexual assault, bullying, overbearing working conditions, and drug scandals.

Angelo Garcia

Edgardo has actually constantly rejected any inappropriate behaviour or abuse

Additionally, Sergio kept in mind how the group “freaked out” after being exposed to narcotics by people in the area. We as soon as took a trip to Colombia, he remembered. Ruben and I are taking a trip to the hotel together. We enter into our space. All of an abrupt, this unidentified male gets in. He then eliminates what should have been around a kilogramme of drug. We were alarmed considering that we had no anticipation of this man. However, the male was a manufacturer and press agent himself. Although Edgardo has actually regularly rejected any impropriety or abuse in his management of the group, he did not respond to require discuss the documentary’s charges.

Angelo Garcia, Ricky Martin’s Former Menudo Bandmate Reveals He Was Raped At The Age Of 11 .For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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