Bahamas island: Sandals resort Mysterious deaths Case Explained


The Sandals resort of Bahamas is recently in news over the 3 traveler deaths in the resort of the island. While the strange death of the travelers has actually left everybody surprised. The authorities are striving to discover what triggered the travelers to pass away. But who were the travelers that died in the strange scenarios in Sandals resort?

Read ahead to understand more about travelers’ death in Sandals resort on the Bahamas island.

Three travelers died recently in the Sandals resort in the Bahamas

It was the event of recently that about 3 travelers were discovered dead in strange scenarios. The event according to reports took place in the Sandals resort of Bahamas island. The American travelers who died were Vincent Paul Chiarella, 64, from Florida, Michael Philips, 68, and Robbie Philips, 65.

Vincent’s other half Donnis on the other hand is moved from Nassau, Bahamas to the Kendall Hospital inMiami Donnis too got ill and remained in vital condition. he is doing great now. Phillips couple was nevertheless a couple owning a travel bureau inTennessee Also, they had 3 kids together with 6 grandchildren.

What took place to the American travelers in the Sandals resort in the Bahamas?

While the event taken place in the Sandals resort’s Emerald Bay ofExuma There were 2 couples in their 60s present as a visitor in the resort. The Phillips couple was dead on Friday recently in the rental property they were remaining in. Vincent, the other traveler was remaining in the adjacent rental property and was dead too.

However, Donnis, his other half lived on her bed after suffering inflamed limbs. Meanwhile, her hubby was laying on the flooring dead she could not transfer to discover however she was shrieking to get aid. The condition of Donnis was though reported by her kidAustin

Authorities checking out the strange death of the American travelers

As it is still to be out regarding what failed with the 3 travelers. The authorities are checking out the matter while the Sandals resort is working together in the examination too. The blood samples and other samples of the dead ones are with the examining authorities.

The autopsy report of the dead travelers is yet to be out. Meanwhile, the household of the deceased are grieving the loss of their liked ones. As child of the Phillips couple discussed the sorrow of them. Alongside Austin, the kid of Vincent too handling the loss of his father.


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