Bigg Boss Malayalam BBM 4 Today’s Episode 18th June 2022 Elimination Riyas And Lakshmi Get Into A Fight Again


For the previous couple of weeks, Riyas Salim and Lakshmi Priya are on each other’s necks. Yes, their arguments do not appear to have an end in Bigg Boss Malayalam 4. In the most recent episode of the truth program, the duo was seen buffooning each other. Whatever the factor, something is clear the fans are delighting in the continuous drama in BB4 and are viewing it taking a great deal of interest. Here, in this short article, let us discover what occurred in between Riyas and Priya and why they have actually been battling with each other for a while.

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In the current episode of the program, Lakhsmi was seen mocking Riyas’ quirks and attempting to provoke him. However, the latter took it in a sportive spirit and did not sustain the battle even more. The housemates might not assist however make fun of the minute as Lakshmi was seen rather disappointed after she stopped working to promptRiyas Things took a wild turn when Lakshmi pointed out Riyas’ moms and dads in the argument. Needless to state, it made Riyas upset as nobody likes to hear anything bad about their moms and dads. Riyas alerted Priya not to bring his moms and dads to their problem.

Lakshmi appeared unbothered about his caution as she continued poking him. As their problem kept growing, captain Sooraj pertained to the rescue. He interfered in their discussion and attempted to resolve their problem. The captain asked Vinay and Dhanya to deal with the matter by speaking to the set. After a long period of time, Riyas mentioned that he would stop if Lakshmi Priya steps forward and excuses discussing his moms and dads. On another side, Lakshmi Priya stated that she did not discuss or anger Riyas’ moms and dads in any method and included that she will not say sorry to Riyas.

Not simply that however Lakshmi Priya required that she desires Riyas say sorry to her as he upset her lots of times. Both of them stayed determined and revealed that they will not say sorry to each other. During the early morning activity, that occurred the next early morning, Lakshmi discussed their conflict and Riyas simply went out. Riyas grumbled that Priya is utilizing the early morning job to clarify herself. One can see that Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 is getting a great deal of attention from the netizens. It has actually turned into one of the most trending programs on tv today. Follow our website for more updates and the most recent news that is taking place all over the world.

Bigg Boss Malayalam BBM 4 Today’s Episode 18th June 2022 Elimination Riyas And Lakshmi Get Into A Fight Again.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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