Billie Eilish isn’t pregnant in 2022 as vocalist talks about kids


Billie Eilish’s personal life has all the time been of interest to her fans. In her latest interview, the ‘Happier than Ever’ vocalist spoke in concerns to the idea of her having kids, and this has actually resulted in the belief that she is currently pregnant.

The 20-year-old vocalist had actually in advance stimulated a dialog on social networks in the course of the Oscars when some fans took it upon themselves to discover if she was bring a young child below her spacious bathrobe. But, others chuckled it off as a joke.

Now, enable us to let you understand why a comparable idea has actually inhabited people’s minds after her dialog with The Times UK.

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Billie Eilish on having her individual kids

Motherhood is a great looking sensation and Billie would not miss out on the know-how for the world.

Discussing her targets of getting kids and turning a mother, the vocalist pointed out: “I would rather die than not have kids. I need them.”

However, she does understand the responsibilities and every thing else that includes a young child.

“The older I get, the more I experience things, I just think, what am I going to do when my kid thinks that this is the right thing to do and I’m, like, no, it’s not! And they won’t listen to me,” the vocalist pointed out.

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No, she isn’t pregnant

It is apparent from Billie’s assertion that she requires to have kids of her individual eventually, nevertheless that does not suggest she is at present bring a young child, and neither did she provide a timeline of the events.

However, she hasn’t been resistant to reports surrounding the similar. The vocalist furthermore fell victim to a baseless pregnancy hoax on TikTok that focused numerous celebs like her.

Some clients flowed fake sonograms declaring they had actually been shared by widely known artists– one such TikTok blamed Billie, declaring that she was pregnant.

And, when she positioned on the Oscars 2022 purple carpet in addition to her arms on her stomach, a comparable absurd report surrounding her being pregnant swirled on the internet.

As it was then and as it’s now, Billie simply isn’t pregnant. But, she plainly desires to be one day.

Singer was courting Matthew Tyler

As for Billie’s personal life, she was courtingMatthew Tyler

In an Instagram story, whereas resolving reports about unethical in May 2022, Matthew verified his cut up fromBillie

He composed: “Nobody cheated on anyone. Relationships end. Simple as that. Creating rumors and LYING on the internet is dangerous.”

The couple was very first connected romantically in April 2021 after they had actually been discovered jointly inSanta Barbara However, they prevented discussing their courting life openly all through its course.


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