Check Out The Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Had Drastic Body Changes


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Without a doubt, there is no such thing as a such aspect as a perfect body kind, nevertheless it’s understandable that lots of people, together with performers, all the time require to look their finest.

As an outcomes of this, lots of performers have actually gone through surgeries and created various ways to get the our bodies of their desires.

Saturday Beats takes a take a look at some performers which have actually had extreme body adjustments

Eniola Badmus

Actress, Eniola Badmus, has actually lost big weight already months. According to her, she had actually normally been ridiculed for her weight through the years, which determined her to shed some kilogrammes.

In an interview with City People Magazine in December 2021, Badmus specified, “In regards to my appearance, a lot has actually altered due to a choice I made. With the pressure and preconception I have actually gone through, I wish to alter that. I wish to amaze everybody and likewise assist myself.

“Things got to a point that I might not manage what I consumed any longer. I consume anything, up until now it is edible. From there, I understood something fishy was going on. So far, I have actually lost 33kg.

Though some individuals insinuated that the starlet went under the knife, she has actually neither verified nor rejected it, however a few of her strong advocates firmly insist that she had the ability to lose that much weight by dieting and observing a physical fitness program.

Tonto Dikeh

Controversial starlet, Tonto Dikeh, has actually not been shy to confess that she had a medical treatment to attain type of body she wanted.

In August 2021, she stated, “I have chuckled a lot recently on the topic that if one does surgical treatment, one must not utilize a waist fitness instructor. Listen up, individuals; you require a waist eraser/trainer to act on your lipo (liposuction).

“Your fitness center needs to be your buddy too. I am personally too lazy for that, so I selected non-surgical body improvement.

“Liposuction is simply taking fat from one part of one’s body to another part. One eats every day, so fat will ‘grow’ back. I have had two liposuction procedures, and I am waiting for my third, though I stay fit.”

Nina Ivy

A previous Big Brother Naija housemate, Nina Onyenobi, aka Nina Ivy, specified she selected appeal surgery as an outcome of there have actually been some attire she could not put on with out sporting body shapers. She included that having appeal surgery implied she didn’t require to place on body shapers any longer.

In an interview with Saturday Beats in July 2021, she had actually specified, “I have always wanted to make some changes to my body, especially after the birth of my child. Since I made that decision, I feel great and love my body more. I always had to wear body shapers with certain outfits but now, I don’t have to. My advice to people who troll celebrities that undergo cosmetic surgery is that they should channel their energy into things that will be beneficial to them. They should let people live their lives.”

Mercy Eke

The season 4 winner of BBN, Mercy Eke, is another one who has actually been open about her resolution to sustain appeal surgery. Speaking in an interview with media character, Temisan Okomi, in June 2022, Eke specified, “I did it for myself. I did it to improve (enhance) my self-confidence. I wish to look excellent in whatever I use. I’m into style. I should have a specific kind of body.

“I feel like those who are hiding the truth probably don’t have the confidence. They feel like they did it (surgery) for someone. But, I did it for myself. I did it to sell my business. I don’t think there is anything to be ashamed of in enhancing one’s body.”

Eke furthermore acknowledged that people who bleach their skins and repair work eyelashes in the similar class as those that do appeal surgery.


Another previous BBN housemate, Oluwabusayo Abiri, aka Khloe, confessed to doing appeal surgery to recognize a curved appearance. However, she acknowledged that if she had another alternative to do it again, she will not go for it as an outcome of the procedure was really agonizing.

In an interview with media character, Temisan Okomi, in October 2021, Khloe specified, “If I am provided N100m and informed to do another surgical treatment once again, I will not do it. It hurts.

“Do you know that having surgery for any part of one’s body, or even taking an injection is painful? Now imagine the extra pain of removing and adding.”

Ever considering that she obtained her brand-new body, the ex-BBN housemate has actually constantly flaunted it on social networks with lots of drooling over her.

Lepacious Bose

Comedian and starlet, Bimbo Ogunboye, aka Lepacious Bose, was recognized for her plus measurement. However, she significantly shed some weight, which got lots of people speaking. According to her, the technique took a lot of stressful work, commitment and self-control.

In an interview with Premium Times in October 2017, Lepacious Bose, discussed her weight decrease journey. She specified, “I tell people that there is nothing miraculous about weight loss. I was actually losing weight right under their noses but they did not notice it. I began my weight loss journey about four years ago and I have not stopped.”

Speaking extra, Ogunboye well-known that the cyber bulling she faced after she lost weight got here as a shock to her. She specified, “I used to think that when I lose weight the whole world would love me and celebrate me for it. But, that was not the case for me at first. The avalanche of criticisms and cyber bullying I faced came as a rude shock to me. People said so many negative things about me online.”

Princess Onyejekwe

A previous BBN housemate, Princess Onyejekwe, acquired lots of people speaking after her body customized significantly. Though some folks believed that it was an outcomes of appeal surgery, she didn’t respond to these claims.

In an interview with Saturday Beats in June 2019, she specified, “Nobody has really come out to ask me what I did with my body and until they come out to do that, I don’t feel the need to give anyone a response. I did not do anything to endanger other species on earth. Whatever I did was with me. They are rumours and it is fine. That is what happens when one is in the spotlight.”

Toke Makinwa

Actress, media character and socialite, Toke Makinwa, has actually been singing about her resolution to sustain appeal surgery. She has actually furthermore recommended ladies to welcome it on the occasion that they so desire.

In a November 2020 episode of her YouTube collection, ‘Toke Moments’, she preserved that she didn’t regret taking that call. She specified, “Yes, I dealt with my body, however my breast is genuine. I had a lip filler due to the fact that I wished to release my lipstick brand name, today I do not believe it is required (any longer).

“Also, I enhanced my body after I underwent surgery to remove fibroids. I did that because I wanted to feel better in clothes. I do not regret enhancing my body. It is the best thing I have ever done. I wanted to look curvy and I love it.”


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