Fact Check: Is Alinity Really Pregnant With Mizkif’s Baby?


Alinity really “pregnant” image on Twitter not just captured Mizkif off guard, however it likewise led fans to think that the banner was anticipating a child.

Alinity had actually formerly played a comparable trick on Mizkif by declaring she was pregnant and didn’t understand who the daddy was on a stream.

Let us guarantee you, nevertheless, that the banner is not anticipating a kid in 2022.

Alinity shows a phony child bump

Alinity tossed her Twitter fans into a tizzy today (June 17) when she shared a picture of herself with a mature child bulge.

“Yo @REALMizkif,” she stated in the caption. I think the child will get here soon! You ‘d much better get utilized to being a dad.”

Other popular banners and web figures published their responses to the counterfeit pregnancy statement, which drew a great deal of attention.

“Can I have the placenta?” Susu tweeted, while OTK published an animated picture of Alinity and Mizkif’s envisioned kid.

In reaction to Alinity’s post, Mizkif, who was captured aback by the news, simply tweeted a series of enigma.

No, the Streamer does not have a kid

Alinity isn’t really anticipating a kid. She earlier confessed to making the very same joke at Mizkif’s expenditure.

Alinity notified Mizkif over the phone that she was pregnant throughout a stream dated May 2022, just for him to react adversely.

“I’m just trolling,” Alinity stated simply as advocates will think her and Mizkif advised her to swear she wasn’t joking.

Furthermore, unlike the child bump she exposed today, none of the banner’s current Instagram images reveal any signs of pregnancy.

Alinity shared a selfie of herself beside a pot simply 2 weeks earlier, however there was no indication of a bun in the oven. There’s no chance she might’ve gone from that to a completely established child bump in simply a couple of weeks.

So it’s clear that she was when again pulling Mizkif’s leg.

Source: HITC

Fact Check: Is Alinity Really Pregnant With Mizkif’s Baby?.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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