Hamilton, Vettel and Schumacher among these to crash beneath the security vehicle in F1


Crashes beneath the security vehicle in F1 are very unusual, nevertheless the similarity Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher are among these to have actually achieved it. Has anyone ever actually crashed into the security vehicle?

With 248 grand prix wins (since 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix), and 18 world titles, it’s sincere to state Hamilton, Vettel and Schumacher understand an aspect or more about approaches to drive a F1 vehicle.

They all laid out a duration and re-wrote the file books as they controlled the series.

However, all 3 are in addition members of a distinct subscription in F1 to have actually crashed behind the security vehicle.

What took place and who’s the one motorist to have actually crashed into the security vehicle?

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Crashes behind the security vehicle in F1

Let’s start with Schumacher whose phony par behind the security vehicle got here on the 2004Monaco Grand Prix

The German hit Juan Pablo Montoya within the tunnel as he was warming his brakes– harming the entryway suspension of hisFerrari

It was the main race Schumacher didn’t win within the 2004 season, and very, the one among lots of very first 13 he didn’t attain this.

He would complete the season with 13 wins from 18 races– and a seventh world title.

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The 2007 Japanese Grand Prix was run in abysmal situations at Fuji with Suzuka altered for 2007 and 2008.

Behind the security vehicle, Vettel was unsighted and crashed his Toro Rosso into Mark Webber as Hamilton was primary the race.

The Briton was dawdling hardly as Vettel rather messily reorganized the back of Webber’s Red Bull– not one of the most basic methods to make your self typical with the senior team.

Hamilton’s crash behind the security vehicle didn’t actually happen on the display– nevertheless within the pitlane.

He pitted from the lead over Adrian Sutil retired, nevertheless a progressive stop enabled Kimi Raikkonen to move him within the pitlane.

As the sphere who didn’t pit was snaking round behind the security vehicle, the sunlight on the surface of the pitlane was purple– that indicates motorists need to wait to rejoin.

Hamilton didn’t see the purple mild and crashed into the once again of Raikkonen, positioning each automobiles out as Nico Rosberg in addition struck the McLaren nevertheless remained in a position to continue.

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The one motorist to genuinely crash into it

Jenson Button can be on the list of these F1 motorists to crash behind the security vehicle, nevertheless it isn’t limited to world champs.

Romain Grosjean memorably shunted on the 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix when he snapped a swap together with his knee behind the security vehicle and put himself out of an aspects location.

His engineer declared that “{Marcus] Ericsson hit us,” no matter the Sauber motorist being no place near to theHaas

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George Russell can be a member of the unfortunate list– binning the Williams behind the security vehicle at Imola in 2020 when on for a main elements end.

However, the one motorist to ever actually crash into the security vehicle was Nick Heidfeld on the 2002 Brazilian GP.

It wasn’t strictly the security vehicle nevertheless the medical one as motorist, ex-F1 ace Alex Ribiero unlocked whereas tending to the crashedEnrique Bernoldi

As Ribiero unlocked, Heidfeld showed up and clattered into the door.

Both had actually been lucky to avoid serious damage.

Hamilton got here closest to genuinely crashing into the ideal security vehicle when he acquired extremely shut at Copse nook in the course of the damp start to the 2016British Grand Prix


Hamilton, Vettel and Schumacher among these to crash beneath the security vehicle in F1.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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