I Get Paid To Kiss People’s Crushes– Actor, Kunle Remi Boasts


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I Get Paid To Kiss Peoples Crushes Actor Kunle

Kunle Remi, the Nigerian star, has actually believed that he’s home the life lots of males imagine.

As a visitor on the ‘African Time Podcast’, the star discussed how he manages intimate scenes.

He discussed, “People often say to me, ‘You are enjoying o. See how you kissed Sharon, my crush’. First, I get paid to do that (to kiss people’s crushes). Second, the crush is beautiful. Third, there were like 30 people in the room (while shooting the scene).”

Recalling an awkward kissing scene he was as quickly as worried in, the ‘Mama Drama’ star discussed, “I once shot a romantic scene with a sweet actress, and we already had good chemistry. But, after such a nice kiss, she received a phone call and said, ‘Hey baby, we are done’ (presumably to her boyfriend). I was not really expecting anything but (I felt) she should have given us a moment to appreciate the kiss. (To enact that scene), we mentally zoned out all the people that were in the room, and it was so nice.”

On what he would consider earlier than appearing a s * x scene, he discussed, “I will do it as long as it is important to the story. I won’t just do anything s*xual (for the sake of it). First, I have to ask, ‘Why do they need to have s*x’? I then try to see if there is any way we can portray the scene without including s*xual content? (However), I will do it if s*x is important to the story.”


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I Get Paid To Kiss People’s Crushes– Actor, Kunle Remi Boasts.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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