I think you didn’t understand these 6 celebrities are actually Tories


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For the last time Kate Bush will not be a Tory

Labour like to promote their super star recommendations from Dua Lipa to Olly Alexander, Frank Ocean andSlowthai The listing goes on. It’s far rarer nowadays although to look for any celebrities prepared to brazenly assist the Tory celebration.

As Kate Bush is truly taking her location at main on the charts once again, it’s cost keeping in mind when she required to clear her recognize and state “I am not a Tory” in a news release in 2019 following some mild benefit ofTheresa May It’s in addition not possible to overlook Alfie Deyes’ carefully memed “I’m not a Tory” video the location he consistently pleaded his innocence towards Tory allegations.

There are some celebrities on the marketplace who’re plainly however Tories like Jeremy Clarkson and Simon Cowell nevertheless noted below are a number of you probably didn’t believe right now and a set that might actually seem like a stab within the coronary heart.

Geri Halliwell (and maybe Mel B)



Ginger Spice aka Geri Halliwell usually spoke very well ofMargaret Thatcher She as quickly as described Thatcher as the main “Spice Girl”, leading to this terrific area with fellow Spice Girl, Mel B, on the Eric Andre.

Mel B was asked for ifThatcher “had girl power” She reacted, “yes of course.” When asked for if she believed Thatcher had “effectively utilised girl power by funnelling money to illegal paramilitary death squads in Northern Ireland”, Mel B pointed out, “I don’t know about that.”

Skandar Keynes aka Edmund from Narnia

I bet you didnt realise these six celebs are actually

In hindsight, we need to constantly’ve seen this coming. Betraying your overall family for a bit of Turkish pleasure is basically the most unhinged Tory behaviour ever. Since his function as Edmund, Skandar Keynes has actually gone on to pursue an occupation in politics, together with working for Conservative MPCrispin Blunt who in addition strikes be the uncle of starletEmily Blunt

GoCompare guy


The GoCompare guy, in case you had not thought, isn’t actuallyItalian He’s a Welsh guy referred to asWynne Evans In 2020 he got criticism for web hosting a massive Tory fundraising event with Boris Johnson the location he led the general public sale and sang with Boris on phase.

Gary Barlow

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Considering his infamous tax avoidance scandal probably not the most crucial shock that Gary does not appreciate public business. In 2010 the Take That frontman made clear of how he votes by ending up being a member of David Cameron on the marketing project course inNantwich When asked for if he was supporting the Tories he pointed out“I would not be here if I was not”

Craig David

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2010 was plainly not an outstanding 12 months for sure artists outing themselves as bigTories Craig David apparently notified The Mirror he would like the Tories to use his track Fill Me In for his/her marketing project. Personally I’m not relatively particular I might’ve thought of a David Cameron/George Osbourne duet over a Craig David beat nevertheless then once again Nick Clegg did as quickly as effort to cowlCarly Rae Jepson

Prue Leith



Accidentally exposing the winner of Bake Off hours earlier than it was presented isn’t the one element you’ll have the ability to fault Prue for. The Bake Off choose, has actually confessed electing Brexit and her boy David Kruger has actually actually been a Tory MP because 2019.

She’s been a vocal Tory fan and in 2020 even was one amongst an actually little amount of individuals that safeguarded Dominic Cummings’ lockdown journey. She did, however, cancel her Tory subscription in late 2020 not over the complimentary professors meals row, cuts to public business or extreme migration insurance plan nevertheless over a piece of meals requirements laws.

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