Is John Dumelo Dead or Alive? Ghanaian star Death Hoax Debunked


Is John Dumelo Dead or Alive? Ghanaian star Death Hoax Debunked: John Dumelo who is well-known Ghanaian star death news has actually been viral on the web. As per the report, he hasdied Some of the viral news is asking, is he truly dead or alive in 2022. Dumelo is an actor-politician. As per the report he has actually been reporting. But his fans and netizen are puzzled that he lives ordead John ended up being the star to succumb to a death scam. Let us discover that, who is John Dumelo and who spread out the news of his death. Follow More Update On

John Dumelo

Who is John Dumelo?

John Dumelo is a widely known Ghanaian star and political leader and farmer. He was the very first guy who struck a million likes on Facebook on 1 April 2014. He is the child ofMr John Dumelo andAntoinette Dumelo His dad was a civil engineer, and his mom was a Customer officer. He was born upon 3 February 1984. He wished to end up being a star. So operated in different movies and tv series. A couple of times ago news has actually been spread out on social networks that, Ghanaian star John Dumelo died at the age of 38. He was an extremely gifted star.

But his fans and netizens were not prepared to think he would bedead So they began to browse that, his death scam news is genuine or somebody simply wished to spread out a piece of phony news. When we browsed the news and searched for the reality, we discovered that the Ghanaian star is definitely healthy and fit. Yes! He lives and succeeding. It is reported that he isdead But it was a piece of completely phony news.

Is John Dumelo Dead or Alive?

When a video has actually been trending on YouTube this Wednesday, it might be validated that the star is great and succeeding. John stated that he was notified about the reports declaring that he hasdied The star specified that the news was phony. He validated to his fans and fans that he is not just alive however healthy. So do not think in this phony news.

When the news went viral on the web. Everyone was really stunned, his fans might not think that he might havedied He was healthy and fit and might bedied When the news spread on the web, the factor behind the star’s death might not be exposed. Netizens and his fans do not require to be difficulty, he is great.

Is John Dumelo Dead or Alive? Ghanaian star Death Hoax Debunked.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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