J.K. Rowling Pranked On Zoom Video Call By Russians Impersonating Ukraine President Zelensky


Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling was deceived by a set of jesters into believing she was on a Zoom chat with Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Russian funny group Vovan and Lexus, understood for making scam contacts us to popular individuals, handled to deceive Rowling in the video listed below, which was initially spotted online early on Tuesday byThe Rowling Library Elton John, Prince Harry, Billie Eilish, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and George W. Bush are simply a few of their previous victims.

The author’s representative described the trick as “distasteful” and mentioned that J.K. Rowling had actually been gotten in touch with to discuss her substantial humanitarian operate in Ukraine, which supports kids and households who have actually been affected by the continuous chaos in the nation. The discussion is misrepresented in the modified video, which was produced.

Credit: Youtube

What can be seen in J.K. Rowling’s uncomfortable video?

The jokers state that Harry Potter’s lightning bolt forehead scar looks like a “Z,” which the Russian military painted on its tanks throughout its intrusion of Ukraine and has actually considering that ended up being an indication of assistance for the dispute amongst Russians, throughout the 12-minute, significantly humiliating movie. Rowling was asked if she would replace a Ukrainian spear for the present symbol. She assured, “I’ll look into that.” “I think that will get into the press, so it could be nice for me to do something with that myself on social media.”

The 2 questioned Rowling about Dumbledore’s sexual preference and who he had relations with, stressing that it was “hopefully not with a transsexual.”

The 2 notified Rowling that they were inscribing rockets with the “Avada Kedavra” curse, which appears in the Harry Potter series.

He didn’t need a Polyjuice Potion to manage the technique as the Zelensky simulate was most likely simply audible throughout the call. They did, nevertheless, briefly trigger their cam to present “The Order of the Ukrainian Phoenix,” a trio sporting Russian- language T-shirts that stated, “Only Putin.” “We read Harry Potter to the battalion’s soldiers. Simply prevent reading them passages worrying half-breeds since they are patriots and do not like such people, the pranksters stated.

Rowling has actually been strongly promoting the work of her charity, Lumos, onTwitter Lumos has actually been operating in the Zhytomyr area to help impoverished kids and households.

Beyond the specifics of the pranks, Vovan and Lexus have actually come under fire in the past for regularly badgering popular figures who oppose Russian diplomacy, leading some to think they are state stars.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, which just recently started streaming on HBO Max, was co-written and produced by Rowling.

J.K. Rowling Pranked On Zoom Video Call By Russians Impersonating Ukraine President Zelensky.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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