J.Ok Rowling pranked on zoom video name by President Zelensky’s Impersonator


J.Ok Rowling was pranked by a Russian impersonators, Vovan, and Lexus (Vladimir Kuznetsov and Aleksei Stolyarov), who had actually been pretending to be the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky in a zoom video name.

The web has actually been responding to a video of Harry Potter developer J.Ok Rowling’s newest video name the location she was pranked into thinking that she was talking to the President ofUkraine

This should not be the main time that Vovan and Lexus have actually called prominent celebs and pulled a trick on them.

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J.Ok Rowling pranked on zoom video name

In the clips which were going viral on social networks, J.Ok Rowling might be seen resting on a chair whereas taking part in a dialog with who she believes is the President ofUkraine

While the developer had her digicam on, the pranksters didn’t. During the 12-minute video, the pranksters made a variety of referrals to Harry Potter, the main one struck be the mark on his element. Calling it a “Z,” J.Ok Rowling was asked for if she may alter it into a symbol of a Ukrainian spear.

As the dialog went on, the pranksters in addition asked for J.Ok Rowling if Dumbledore was in fact homosexual. The dialog ended on a bit of an awkward word the location the funny duo popular they had actually been composing “Avada Kedavra,” the killing curse within the Harry Potter franchise.

How did J.Ok Rowling reply to this?

J.Ok Rowling’s expert verified that the video is real, nevertheless included that it had actually been modified whereas talking toHollywood Reporter Calling it “distasteful,” the expert stated that the developer was approached to speak worrying the charitable work she has actually been doing to help individuals who discover themselves at present inUkraine

J.Ok Rowling has actually been talking worrying the catastrophe in Ukraine for a long time. In truth, the developer even made a blog installed about it to raise additional awareness of the scenarios within the country.

In a post entitled: “Children trapped in orphanages are the hidden victims of the war in Ukraine,” the developer details what variety of kids lost their family members and their youth.

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J.Ok Rowling and her charitable works to help Ukraine

In the similar blog installed, J.Ok Rowling opened about her charity Lumos which was serving to the Ukrainian kids. She exposed that the charity had actually handled to produce thousands and thousands whereas consisting of that she can be contributing 1 million kilos as well.


J.Ok Rowling pranked on zoom video name by President Zelensky’s Impersonator.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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