Julius Francis has an interest in a rematch bout with Mike Tyson after he was knocked out by him 22 years ago


Former heavyweight fighter Julius Francis exposed that he would be interested to combat Mike Tyson in a rematch.

Francis ended up being the talk of the town after he knocked out a reveler in London.

Here is whatever you require to understand.

Julius Francis is down for a rematch with Mike Tyson after 22 years

Julius Francis just recently took a seat with TMZ after he went viral for punching a guy who was attempting to begin a battle at an occasion in London.

During the interview, Francis exposed that he would want to enter the ring just if the challenger and cost are best.

He stated, ‘If there is a promoter that’ s ready to promote an approved battle.’

Francis continued, ‘I never have liked talking about money, but [if] they could come up with a decent offer, then who knows?’

Furthermore, the retired fighter discussed, ‘I have a daughter that tells me “you’ re not going to combat once again”. And I believe to myself “who would I fight?”’

Francis included that individuals typically inform him that he ought to combat Jake Paul or Logan Paul due to the fact that of an enormous possible payroll. However, according to Francis, they are not in his ‘category.’

Regardless, there is just one fighter who might get Francis to lace up his gloves once again. That male is none aside from Mike Tyson whom he lost to in a 2000 bout.

The 57-year-old previous fighter verified, ‘I’ m going to put it out there. I’m going to state, yes. Yes, we can have a rematch. I do not understand if any person will view it, however I’m going to state, yes.’

Iron Mike knocked out Francis simply 58 seconds into the 2nd round of the contest.

Julius Francis make headings for knocking a punch at a location in the UK

Julius Francis was all of a sudden thrust back into the spotlight after a video of him punching a guy who was agitating individuals neighboring went viral.

The event occurred at the BOXPARK Wembley on 12th June with Francis working as a security personnel. However, the video footage slowly took control of the social networks platforms with individuals applauding him for his strength and speed.

While discussing it with TMZ, Francis discussed that he felt ‘vindicated’ by the user’s reaction to his haymaker.

Moreover, he stated that he was pleased with individuals’s assistance who are valuing the punch due to the fact that the person deserved it.

Julius Francis has an interest in a rematch bout with Mike Tyson after he was knocked out by him 22 years ago.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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