Kris Humphries wasn’t called “gay” by Kim Kardashian as remark puzzles fans


People are trying to find an option to the inquiry “Is Kris Humphries gay?” after Kim Kardashian made a state about her “second” wedding on across the country television.

The reality star utilized the time duration “gay” whereas speaking about her 2nd wedding, nevertheless she didn’t provide up Kris’ title or discuss his sexuality.

But, as all the time, fans have actually taken it upon themselves to dig much deeper into the matter. So, enable us to enable you to what the confusion is everything about.

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Kim Kardashian on “gay wedding”

It was throughout episode 5 of The Kardashians, which is at present streaming on Hulu, that Kim made a remark about her“second wedding”

While practicing her wedding speech for her homosexual mates Simon Huck and Phil Riportella, Kim goes on to state, “I love a gay wedding, I haven’t been to one since my second wedding.”

Kim’s 2nd marital relationship was to NBA star Kris and though she didn’t even mention Kris’ title or his sexuality, her remark has actually caused numerous fans questioning if the previous basketball star is homosexual.

Rumors rapidly swirled on Twitter as fans presented up Kim and Kris’ previous relationship.

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“Gay” remark sends out fans right into a tizzy

Many, together with Kourtney Kardashian’s ex, Scott Disick, have actually been surprised by what Kim specified.

But, entirely Kim knows what she in fact indicated when she declared that her 2nd marital relationship was the last “gay wedding” she was at.

HITC has actually connected to Kim Kardashian for a remark about the similar. But, on the time of the publishment of this text, is however to get an action.

Some fans are however trying to course of what Kim specified, whereas others are simply puzzled.

One wrote: “Kim Kardashian out there being COLD to Kris Humphries!”

“Damn is she calling Kris Humphries gay? Am I missing something? Is he gay,” asked one fan.

Another baffled fan tweeted: “Wait, is Kris Humphries gay?? What does Kim mean ‘I haven’t been to a gay wedding since my second’”

Their marital relationship ended after 72 days

Kim and Kris’ relationship might not have actually labored out, nevertheless it specific handled to develop into most likely the most discussed marital relationships in Hollywood, since it lasted just 72 days.

The couple notoriously wed in August 2011 and after somewhat over 2 months of being hubby and partner, Kim applied for a divorce fromKris

The reality star mentioned “irreconcilable differences” as the description for his/her separate.


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