Kundali Bhagya Written Update Today’s Episode 10th May 2022 Preeta Meets With An Accident


In today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, the supervisor asks forgiveness to Preeta as he can not go with her to court. Preeta asks him not to say sorry as it is truly alright. She thanked the supervisor. The latter appearances behind Preeta and states that he has actually seen this guy in the CCTV video too. The supervisor believes that what has he been doing here. Preeta recalls at Prithvi too and states that she understands what he wishes to do here. Preeta escapes however Prithvi threatens to strike the supervisor and goes behind her.

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On another side, the district attorney reveals the photo of Karan being apprehended with a bag loaded with cash in the court. However, Karan continually contradicts that the bag came from him. Sameer notifies that he had actually dropped Karan to the arena and had actually provided him the cars and truck secrets. The judge asks Sameer not to interrupt the hearing and asks him to take a seat. The legal representative keeps implicating Karan of taking allurements however Karan stays with his words and states that he is not associated with it in any method. Later, the legal representative reveals the image of Sandesh.

Karan acknowledges him after seeing the image. The legal representative taunts Karan for lastly acknowledging somebody. Karan states that it is not a criminal activity to accept chocolates or flowers from somebody. The legal representative states that he will show Karan incorrect in no time. Here, Prithvi goes out chewing out the cars and truck and states that Preeta fled from him. Soon, he notifications the cars and truck still being parked and comprehends that Preeta is here just. Preeta is revealed concealing behind the bushes. She believes that she has actually been caught here and thinks about methods to leave and reach the court.

Preeta notifications that Prithvi is no place to be seen and believes that he has actually gone. However, Prithvi is just taking a faster way to reach her. Preeta drives as quick as she can. After covering some range, Prithvi’s cars and truck stops Preeta’s cars and truck. He states that she did refrain from doing excellent by breaking him. Prithvi hits Preeta’s cars and truck triggering a mishap. Here, Karan screams for Preeta however the officers bring him back to the witness box. The judge alerts Karan to act. Karan keeps stating that he did not take any cash however the case appears to be breaking him. Follow our website for more updates on Kundali Bhagya.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Today’s Episode 10th May 2022 Preeta Meets With An Accident.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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