Madison Cawthorn claims “childish” cousin video was “stupid locker room talk”


American political leader Madison Cawthorn has actually reacted after an opposition group introduced a suggestive video of the congressman.

According to CNN, the clip exposes the 26-year-old “naked in bed” together with his cousin, and the video has actually gone viral on social networks today.

After getting reaction, he has actually required to Twitter to handle the drama and expose different “lies” he declares have actually been blogged about him …

Madison Cawthorn unmasks “misinformation”

The political leader required to Twitter on Wednesday (May 4th) to send a video resolving the cousin video and numerous different “media lies”.

“I’m ready to keep fighting for you. I wanted you to know the truth, straight from me. Don’t lose hope, don’t listen to the fake news,” he composed together with the seven-minute-long clip.

Cawthorn continued: “Don’t let the swamp of Washington dissuade or distract you from sending a warrior back to Washington. I’ve only just begun to fight for you.”

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Politician addresses cousin video

The Republican opened his message by stating: “Many of you have seen some outlandish stuff the media has been putting out about me over the last few weeks.”

He went on to call it a “coordinated attack” earlier than stating he desires to “fight back” and get rid of a few of their“lies”

Then, the 26-year-old attended to the suggestive video that’s taken control of social networks today, stating: “This is a childish video that my cousin and I made.”

“Now, this video is just stupid locker room talk between two cousins that grew up like brothers taken long before I served in Congress,” he continued.

“And my cousin Stephen that they’re attacking is my ADA, he’s family and he’s my best friend.”

The North Carolina congressman pointed out that he matured with a cellular phone and shot problems that at the minute are getting utilized “to hurt” him.

He then described as out the Daily Mail for “not bothering to fact check” any of it or“send the video to [his] office before they ran it with misinformation”

“The media lies. It shouldn’t surprise any of us,” he concluded.

What else did he state?

Throughout the rest of the video, he continued to call out different media publishers for sharing “lies” about him.

First, he declared that he had by no methods co-ordinated with a Democratic remarkable pack and closed congressional work environments, as a post had actually declared.

Then, he went on to knock a story that declared to have “exclusive photos,” stating: “This is a ludicrous narrative that I am some kind of drag queen on the side.”

The more youthful political leader declared that the “dumb photo” was handled journey while taking pleasure in a “goofy game on a cruise ship” together with his friends and family and was on no account improper.

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“Really with about five minutes of investigation, they could have found that this was taken well before I was in congress and even before I was running for congress,” he pointed out.

Cawthorn went on to disclaim that he had any objective of slicing social security costs, veterans benefits and security costs or excited to make folks’s every day lives“more expensive”

However, he did take responsibility for as quickly as getting a hurrying ticket and forgetting to remove his weapon earlier than going by means of airport security.


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