Marc Anthony cancels live efficiency after backstage mishap leaves him not able to perform


American singer-songwriter Marc Anthony was set to perform a live efficiency in Panama as a part of his Pa’ Alla Voy trip nevertheless an unfortunate backstage mishap left him not able to continue.

The 53-year-old star was obliged to cancel his present following a damage he had actually sustained just minutes earlier than he was arranged to strike the ground.

We find what took place on the Rommel Fern ández arena when concertgoers had actually been well-informed of Antony’s occurrence.

See what the artist was as much as just hours earlier than he was expected to appear in entryway of his fans.

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Marc Anthony cancels Panama live efficiency

Marc Anthony required to cancel his Panama live efficiency whereas within the middle of his Pa’ Alla Voy trip, after the Grammy Award- winning performer sustained a damage.

Hola evaluates that at 11:45 pm on 4th May, participants on the Rommel Fern ández arena heard a statement made by the celebration’s administration, notifying the public that today had actually been cancelled arising from a mishap that the star suffered backstage exclusively minutes earlier than he was arranged to perform.

The occurrence apparently interrupted a variety of the concertgoers, who asked for compensation.

Magic Dream, the business that arranged the celebration, stated {that} brand-new date for the live efficiency will rapidly be exposed and assured ticket holders that they will not need to make any extra purchases.

Backstage mishap leaves star not able to perform

Event organisers apparently stated:

“Marc Anthony had to postpone his concert in Panama due to an accident involving the stage’s stairs, occurring minutes before his appearance onstage. The injury resulted in complications on his back, which prevented his live performance.”

According to Hola, the assertion continued:

“Currently, Marc is being transported to Miami to be attended by his specialists. We are grateful for medical personnel in Panama, who immediately provided their services and to all guests who were present for the concert.”

Hours earlier than the mishap

Hours earlier than the live efficiency, Marc Anthony appeared ecstatic to be in Panama as he required to Instagramwith a wondrous video throughout which he’s tested together with his sweetheart, Nadia Ferreira, dancing to Dominican artist Juan Luis Guerra of their vehicle.

@marcanthony accompanied the clip with a Spanish caption that translates:

“Dancing to the rhythm of @JuanLuisGuerra warming up for tomorrow’s show in #Panama.”

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Marc Anthony cancels live efficiency after backstage mishap leaves him not able to perform.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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