Meet The Legend of Mick Dodge Bio: Age, Net Worth, Married, Cancelled, Friends


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Known as “The Barefoot Sensei”, Mick Dodge is the main lead character of a actuality television collection, which follows him on his experiences within the forests ofWestern Washington State Mick was born upon 29 th August 1951 on the Olympic Peninsula; his dad is Ronald L. Dodge, and because he was within the United States Marine Corps, the home moved rather a lot when Mick was a more youthful kid, so he invested his youth in a variety of areas. However, there might be a lot more accompanying this guy, and if you want to be taught everything about Mick– stick to our examine of Mick’s web cost, occupation, pals, etc.

Childhood years

Mick grew-up in a variety of areas, together with Okinawa, Japan, and even handled to matriculate fromKubasaki High School He by no ways went to university after ending his highschool education, nevertheless was at perpetuity a huge fan of the exterior. Even as a more youthful kid, he liked spending quality time in nature, and this probably impacted his choices later on in life.


After ending highschool, Mick gotten within the Marine Corps, and invested 6 years working as a mechanic inFort Lewis However, clearly he was not having a good time with this typical type of task, and all of the tension of city residing made him leave every part behind and start a life within the forest. Admittedly, his training and know-how with the Marines provided him with sufficient info to leave the conformity of city environments, and endure within the thick forests.

Mick Dodge

Besides being called The Barefoot Sensei, Mick is typically called The Barefoot Nomad or theWalking Mountain The cause for such labels originates from the fact that Mick identified to leave the fashionable world behind, and in 1991 started living within the forests, even discarding his shoes and shoes, therefore has actually been walking barefoot by means of the mountains since, which’s the factor he has actually ended up being a legend. He pulled away to the Olympic Peninsula in Western Washington, and in his expressions– life with out shoes has actually assisted him treatment a variety of well being concerns, comparable to once again hurt, hammer toes, and plantar fasciitis.

“The Legend of Mick Dodge”

The tales and legends about Mick Dodge eventually reached National Geographic, they typically identified to reveal his story right into a actuality television collection. In January 2014, “The Legend of Mick Dodge” premiered on the National Geographic channel, and today has extra unfold the expression about his unusual and unconventional way of life. For circumstances, in the course of the 3 seasons of today, the audiences might take a peek at Mick’s daily actions within the Hoh Rain Forest within thePacific Northwest Mick calls himself a thrivalist, and his survival methods embody taking in all kinds of meals, comparable to plant life, bugs, and even the testicles of an elk. Mick in addition likes to consume olive oil– he at all times states that his way of life allows him to connect with nature.

The Earth Gymnasium program

Even although Mick demands being separated from fashionable life, he’s however in contact with people from city locations. For celebration, he’s however energetic as a coach, or so-called sensei, for people who belong to his Earth Gymnasium health program, which Mick based in 1994 in addition to his friend Jacquie Chandler, and concentrates on the tools which we will find in nature.

The Earth- based health routine does have a small Flintstones- design to it, nevertheless great deals of individuals are grateful with the results they accomplished after checking out the camps.

What is Mick’s present web cost?

When trying to discover the basic web cost of Mick Dodge, we come throughout a little issue because he does not individual a pockets, an examining account, a debit card, or a checkbook. In various expressions, his life as a forest occupant does not need a lot of {dollars} in his pockets, which’s the factor he does not have any money in a direct way. However, his jobs, such since the Earth Gymnasium function as his deposit loading containers, and reliable sources approximate that Mick’s basic web cost is round $150,000 since late 2018.

Personal life

Even although the 67-year out-of-date Mick however maintains contacts with shut friends and family, he seems grateful in addition to his life within the forests. He should not be wed, and exposes no objective of starting a family or moving once again into the city locations. His feet are tattooed to represent roots which join him to the bottom and the forest floor covering, and clearly Mick continues to be having a good time with his journey. Occasionally he uses fashionable know-how to deliver a message to his fans and fans, and his Facebook websites has round 74,000 likes.


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