Nicki Minaj’s Father’s Killer Charles Polevich pleads guilty


The motorist who struck Nicki Minaj’s dad Robert Maraj in a cars and truck pleaded guilty onFriday While it was truly ravaging when Nicki Minaj’s dad died in a mishap after getting struck by a cars and truck. The motorist who was implicated of this mishap has actually now been sentenced for the criminal activity. But is Nicki’s mom delighted with that?

Read ahead to understand more about the motorist who pleaded guilty to striking Nicki Minaj’s dad in a cars and truck mishap.

Nicki Minaj’s dad Robert Maraj died in a cars and truck mishap

It was method back in February in 2015 that a business person Charles Polevich hit Nicki Minaj’s dad Robert Maraj with his automobile as he was strolling on a roadway inMineola The occurrence taken place in the month of February and the vocalist’s dad was left severely hurt after the mishap.

In truth, the business person motorist Charles didn’t call the cops after the mishap and rather fled from the area leaving Maraj to pass away. Following the day the mishap took place,Maraj died However, the allegation of the mishap was captured later on.


Businessman Charles was the implicated in the deadly mishap

The mishap implicated Charles Polevich was associated with the deadly mishap as after the mishap, he did come out of the automobile however then fled. Charles confessed he didn’t call the police officers after the mishap. Instead, he went and parked his automobile in the garage.

After parking, he went on to cover his automobile with a tarpaulin. Owing to this, the business person was charged with damaging proof. However, after a year of the deadly mishap, the implicated has actually been offered a decision for his dedicated criminal activity.

Charles Polevich sentenced to one year in prison

The court handling the case of the deadly automobile mishap that cost the life of Robert Maraj has actually lastly offered its decision. While Charles Polevich, 71 is just to be in prison for 1 year. His license has actually been suspended. The sentence is nevertheless due on August 3rd.

Following the decision on Charles Polevich, Carol Maraj, better half of Robert Maraj is not delighted. Nicki’s mom based on reports was shaking after the sentence was revealed thinking of the battle of her other half defending his life in the healthcare facility. Prosecutors too were not delighted with the decision onCharles


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