Nkechi Blessing & & Others React As Queen Says She Fought For Her Friendship With Whitemoney


Big Brother Naija Star Queen just purchased tongues wagging as she admitted about how she felt for Whitemoney as a buddy and the wonderful problems she wanted to do for him which unfortunately didn’t work so effectively eventually. 6ee56b2fca69415e95a9e2427b70cb1e

Queen supposedly specified that her keep in substantial sibling Naija was extremely pleasurable and eye-catching. And she is grateful as an outcome of she had one buddy in the house who was there for her. Unfortunately together with the roadway in accordance with her that they had their little misconception in the house. Which she quickly excused, she attempted my biggest to make peace constantly as soon as they had a problem.”

Queen passionately specified that she defended his/her relationship as an outcome of she was currently utilized to participating in, troubling, teasing him (Whitemoney). She declared that she was extremely tight round him nevertheless observing that her buddy was providing another private factor to consider made her really really dissatisfied as an outcome of she is an envious woman.

Check out the screenshots of her release under. dd13754de5024a88b3e8a888ff04c9a1e5f113ebcdf94c72a6c012a11223ab39

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Nkechi Blessing & & Others React As Queen Says She Fought For Her Friendship With Whitemoney.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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