Person behind ‘worst person you know’ meme exposed as Josep Maria Garc ía


The private behind the ‘worst person you know’ meme has actually finally been exposed in an info report that caught lots of readers’ factor to consider.

The ‘worst person you know’ meme took control of the web a number of years in the past when {a picture} of an individual made rounds on a variety of social networks sites.

Fast ahead to 2022 and the private behind the meme has actually been called in a brand name brand-new short article. Here’s what he required to state worrying the online fad over his image.

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Meet Josep Maria Garc ía, guy behind ‘worst person you know’ meme

A brand name brand-new Guardian report exposes the individual behind the ‘worst person you know’ is Josep Maria Garc ía.

Josep’s brother-in-law, a specialist professional photographer who didn’t require to be called, took the image after they have actually been on a piece journey jointly inBarcelona

The brother-in-law was evaluating the sunlight for a photoshoot with an American author when he asked for Josep to position for a minute.

The image got here out appropriately therefore they figured out to include it on to Getty Images’ gallery. But neither of them might have acknowledged a simple {photo} would lead to a viral meme.

In 2018, Josep remembered his brother-in-law notified him the the image was utilized as a highlighted image for a story on United States satirical website Clickhole.

The story was headlined‘Heartbreaking: The Worst Person You Know Just Made A Great Point’ The short article stays to be out there online website, which is how the ‘worst person you know’ meme has actually handled to live on within the web sphere.

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Josep Maria Garc ía addresses viral meme

In the similar Guardian report, Josep finally opened worrying the big social networks emphasize that embraced on account of the viral image.

Josep specified: “He (his brother-in-law) told me not to worry, but that I should Google the phrase ‘the worst person you know’. I put it in and there I was, everywhere. I scrolled down and it was my face, my face, my face. I thought ‘what is going on?’”

He mentioned whereas consumers online continually messaged him worrying the image, exclusively a little range of folks acknowledged him within the city of Molins de Rei the location he lives.

“I would go to work and everything was normal, nobody greeted me differently,” he included.

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  • Someone else found the image earlier than

    While that is the main main interview Josep has actually offered the the media, his recognition was found a number of years in the past.

    Australia- based press reporter Cameron Wilson invested a while digging and exposed Twitter individual @iamtherog at first traced the image to Getty Images’ gallery.

    The image was distant from the place nevertheless Cameron handled to look for additional details after coming throughout the metadata of the image on an Indian well being website that included the image.

    Cameron exposed the short article ‘I Found ClickHole’ s ‘Worst Person You Know’” in October 2021 on Slate, which records the procedure of finding the individual behind the ‘worst person you know’ meme.

    Person behind ‘worst person you know’ meme exposed as Josep Maria Garc ía.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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