RHOBH beginner Diana Jenkins apologies for her ‘racially insensitive’ remark


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills beginner Diana Jenkins is excusing the current remark she made on Instagram towards a black lady who runs a Bravo fan page.

The star came under fire for passing a ‘racially insensitive’ remark that left Bravo fans rather furious and upset.

Here is whatever you require to understand.

The RHOBH beginner Diana Jenkins shares an apology

Diana Jenkins entered an online fight with Instagrammer called ‘Philly Diva’ Kristen Dionne on Thursday.

Dionne shared an old image of a much more youthful Jenkins mentioning how various the truth star has actually altered for many years.

From there the set exchanged a number of heated remarks with each other on the platform.

The starlet nevertheless reacted to among her posts by stating, ‘It can’ t feel excellent being a Black content developer.’

Bravo fans instantly began slamming Jenkins for her actions.

The 49-year old nevertheless quickly released an apology to Dionne for her remark. In her declaration, Jenkins stated that she was uninformed of the term which she had actually copied it from in other places.

She stated, ‘I assumed ‘Black content creator’ was a title describing a page that would be concentrated on snarky material. I copied the term since I believed that’s what it indicated. I didn’t recognize it was referencing to you as a Black lady and a material developer.’

The starlet continued, ‘Please understand I am not from this country @philly.diva so deeply sorry. I’ m ravaged that this was taken to suggest something racially insensitive. I comprehend now why it was taken that method which was never ever my intent. I am really sorry.’

Regardless, Dionne stepped forward and declared that she never ever got an apology considering that Jenkins has actually presumably obstructed her.

RHOBH fans respond to Diana Jenkins ‘racially insensitive’ remark

RHOBH fans instantly called out Jenkins on her racist remark and required the network ax her from the series.

A user commented, ‘Ur [sic] know ur done for this comment.. right???’

Another stated, ‘This is soooo out of line. Bravo needs to see this.’

A various user said, ‘Her comment was distasteful and out of line. She’ s [email protected]! She simply exposed her hand.’

One more user competed, ‘Wow! being a housewife, the audience generally weighs in since it’ s for our home entertainment. Memes are the tiniest thing. It may not feel excellent, however I can’t think of resulting to bigotry? What the hell was that remark?’


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