Rumors Debunked: is Elon Musk wanting to purchase Instagram?


Ever given that an offer in between Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk got settled, netizens have actually got another buzz stating Musk has actually purchased Instagram too. Well, definitely Musk remains in spotlight nowadays after his Twitter offer. But is it actually that Musk is going to own Instagram also? Well, we definitely have a response to that right here.

Read ahead to learn about the buzz of Elon Musk purchasingInstagram

Does Elon Musk now own Instagram?

Well, the Twitter handle Musk was rather popular in the media. To the day, Musk wound up settling the offer to ownTwitter However, while netizens appear delighted over Musk now owning the tweeting platform. They are now hectic with the speculation of Musk even purchasing the popular social networks platformInstagram

Yes, the most recent buzz on the web is everything about Instagram entering into the hands ofMusk While netizens are anticipating a great deal of modification in Twitter at the hands ofMusk They are believing that Instagram would alter too if Musk owns it. But is it real that Musk owns Instagram now? Certainly not. Those are simply rumours.

How did the rumour of Musk owning Instagram start?

With Twitter now purchased for $44 billion by Tesla giantElon Musk The rumours are now on that Instagram is going to be owned by Musk also. However, those simply ended up being rumours. But how did that rumour start? Well, the credit for the rumour goes to a YouTube video.

Elon Musk
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A YouTube video on “Elon Musk Zone” simply produced a stimulate after a video entitled “Elon Musk Bought Instagram” came out. In that video however, it didn’t come out that Musk ownsInstagram However, it simply discussed how and when it’s most likely to take place.

Netizens’ response to the rumour of Musk purchasing Instagram

Netizens even had a fantastic response when Twitter’s handle Musk was available in spotlight. They discover a few of the functions of Twitter a bit irritating. Undoubtedly they are now anticipating to get fixed with Musk on board as the owner of the platform.

On the other hand, Netizens are even not liking some functions ofInstagram After the rumours of Musk purchasing Instagram got a number of responses from the netizens. Some of the users on social networks provided a response stating that Musk need to purchase Instagram and after that erase it. Not to forget, even Twitter has this rumour that Musk will erase the tweeting platform.


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