Santi Millan reacts to news of the dripped video


Spanish star Santi Millan’s personal privacy was broken as an intimate dripped video declared to be his is going viral on the web. While dripped videos going viral isn’t something brand-new specifically if somebody popular is related to it. However, Santi has actually provided his response to the viral video. While his partner too has actually stepped forward to reveal her side.

Read ahead to understand more about the intimate dripped video of Santi Millan that goes viral on the web.

Santi Millan’s intimate dripped video goes viral

It’s definitely not the very first time when a public figure wound up having actually an intimate dripped video. As there have actually been numerous such circumstances prior to. But recently, it is dragging the Spanish starSanti Millan On June 19th, an intimate dripped video declared to be of Millan went viral on the web.

What users of the web could not stop speaking about was the partner of Millan because video. As netizens stated that it wasn’t a video of Millan with his partner. Rather it was another person with him. However, Millan hasn’t stated that the dripped video is of him.

Santi Millan’s response on the intimate dripped video

Though Millan didn’t accept that the intimate dripped video going viral on the web is of him. Yet he did state that dripping the video was a crime. However, apart from that, he declined to make any discuss the video. As such it still stays to be unidentified whether the video is of Millan or not.

Not to forget, Millan has actually been a popular Spanish star who has actually belonged of the Spanish theatre La Cubana throughout his preliminary days. He even operated in the television seriesPeriodistas While there were numerous other jobs of him too.

Millan’s partner’s response to the intimate dripped viral video

Santi Millan’s partner Rosa Olucha too after the viral dripped video event came ahead to support her other half. In reality, on her Instagram, she shared some pictures and even stated that her other half is a victim. Further, she stated that her other half Millan has actually dealt with an attack on his personal privacy.

Even Olucha concurred that assaulting the personal privacy of Millan is incorrect and the individual who dripped the video had actually dedicated a criminal offense. However, even she didn’t expose whether the video is of her other half or not.


Santi Millan reacts to news of the dripped video.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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