The declared owner of Bobrisky’s N400m House Is Revealed


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Controversial Bobrisky has actually been dragged into dirt after the supposed owner of the house he had actually revealed as his was exposed.

Recall that the socialite tossed an elegant housewarming event the other day, June 19, to rejoice the divulging of his multimillion naira estate.

The extensive Instagram blog Gistlover, nevertheless, has actually exposed that the house does not come from the crossdresser.

According to one in all Gislover’s sources, this ‘Federal’ is on the EFCC’s radar and has actually been home in South Africa.

To offer additional credence to their state, Gistlover has actually included that as an outcome of the whole housewarming aspect is a scam discusses why most stars didn’t repost to praise Bob.

See Gistlover’s installed under:

Hello tueh tueh, name me bit * ter, call me ha * ter, nevertheless I got’ t stop stating my truth, I got’ t stop, y’ all presume that is funny, misle * ading more youthful ones, disrespecting the legitimate hustle of real tiresome personnel with all these fa * ke obtained way of living, i mentioned this earlier, people state I no totally delighted for them ni, yen yen yen, if to state the truth Na bitter, YES I AM BITTER, if yeyebrity purchase house and it’s legitimate you no go see me bring my 2 left legs come Dey communicate essence ontop, loads of yeyebrities put on purchase house wey be state them work tiresome ni and all of us understand, we Dey totally delighted for them nevertheless you see these ones with kurukere life or these ones wey Dey utilize another specific home chase influence, if una wan di * e make una go d * ie I no go leave una, I got’ t be right here why y’ all misle * advert the more youthful ones, I got’ t, from 450m to 400m, senior guy put on get 50m low expense from fa * ke place and bragging state Na king Event heart you require usage to a lady bur * sting you that they spent for the celebration heart on the fa * ke date wey you position up, Idris nevertheless Dey court docket as lastly 2 weeks over overdue hire and one supplier dra * g am go court docket too state him get money no ship the service and he did not refund, I’ll choose fans to come back my house warming however we no see something, him kuku understand state fans go come do Amebo ni, you see any yeyebrity repost that house for(* ), all of them understand what sport they’re participating in and helping one another, bad, me I no go let una beverage water drop cup, legitimate hustlers ought to have peace of ideas seh, una Bob prepare supper am make I Dey bur * st am once again to once again, you sha put on cash out the other day, you might reimburse the seller and settle your proprietor senior guyDey for under Na you go see specific wey no get Lagos do House Dey warming ment or malaria???House guySenior C E H. 0E, I are offered peace, igi ewedu oni wo pawa ooooo Eyan Blessing LINK TO THE PAGE


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