TikTok triggers reports Camille Vasquez might symbolize David Dobrik in Jeff Wittek case


David Dobrik is being taken legal action against by Jeff Wittek after a stunt with an excavator went inappropriate– and he’s acquired one attorney particularly in ideas.

After TMZ exposed the details to the public, rumours have actually been appearing the web that David will most likely be making use of Camille Vasquez as his attorney.

If you require to rise to rush with the claims, look no extra. HITC has all the pieces you ought to discover what went down with David and Jeff, who Camille Vasquez is, and the rumours surrounding the lawyer safeguardingDobrik

David Dobrik VS Jeff Wittek

Jeff Wittek is taking legal action against David Dobrik for $10 million in damages. The claim was acquired by TMZ, the location Jeff’s element of the story was heard.

Jeff declared that in 2020, he, David, and a lot of partners have actually been recording a video for David Dobrik the location they ‘d take turns being swung round by a rope linked to an excavator, which David was handling.

However, as the advancement equipment was going too fast, Jeff wound up striking the excavator at complete pressure. TMZ reported that this produced primary damage, causing a broken foot, hip, shattered cranium in addition to essentially shedding his eye.

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TikTok believes Camille Vasquez may symbolize David Dobrik

Camille acquired acknowledgment for safeguarding Johnny Depp in his character assassination case towardsAmber Heard

She grew to end up being the go over of the city as quickly as again after a clip of her and Ben Chew emerged online on TikTok. In it, Ben will be heard informing Camille that he had actually talked to David Dobrik, which has actually caused the rumours that they are going to be representing him in his trial.

While the video does not paint a complete picture of what the assembly had to do with, on condition that David is at present getting taken legal action against by Jeff, lots of presumed it might potentially be associating with the similar. As of now, a main affirmation from neither David nor Camille’s team has actually been released. At the 2nd, the details about Camille and Ben representing David is merely rumours.

Camille’s fans are hoping the rumours aren’t real

As David Dobrik has actually been worried in a variety of scandals through the years, Camille’s fans aren’t too totally pleased worrying the chatter surrounding her representing him. In truth, lots of have actually required to social networks to accurate their issue.

One Twitter user composed: “If Camille takes David Dobrik’s case I will no longer be a fan.”

Jess The Reporter required to TikTok to inform clients worrying the rumor, and Camille fans have actually been quick to jump to the feedback. One TikTok customer commented: “I really hope she does not. If anything she should represent Jeff.”

While there isn’t a affirmation already, it seems like like Camille’s fans require her to stay away from the world of YouTubers.


TikTok triggers reports Camille Vasquez might symbolize David Dobrik in Jeff Wittek case.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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