Tokyo Revengers Season 2 New Trailer and Release date validated


In a brand-new sneak peek trailer for the “Christmas Showdown” story, Tokyo Revengers season 2 has actually been validated for January 2023.

Aside from the mega-franchise that is My Hero Academia and its 5th anime season, Tokyo Revengers was probably the most popular series from the Spring and Summer 2021 broadcasting slates.

The time-traveling anime might not have actually been ‘hard-hitting’ in the exact same method that numerous other programs, however the Toman Gang undoubtedly understands how to eliminate.

The very first season of Tokyo Revengers ended on September 18th of in 2015, and the anime was restored simply a couple of months later on in December.

Now, a brand name brand-new teaser for the “Christmas Showdown” arc has actually been launched online, verifying the release date for Tokyo Revengers’ extremely expected 2nd season; here’s all you require to understand.

Tokyo Revengers does not lose whenever in revealing their Season 2 production

The struck anime series Tokyo Revengers has actually been extended for a 2nd season, which is great news for fans. The Christmas Conflict Arc was validated on December 18th, when it was exposed at the Jump Festa 2022 occasion that it was currently in production.

Despite the delight of the main verification of its resurgence, the statement of Tokyo Revengers season 2 did not shock numerous fans, owing to the series’ worldwide success and the accessibility of source product from the initial manga series.

Although Crunchyroll does not launch audience information for simulcast titles, it is simple to observe how popular Toman is around the globe. Tokyo Revengers season 1 has actually gotten practically 507,000 scores on My AnimeList, leading to a remarkable (and well-deserved) 8.12/ 10 score.

AnimePlanet has a 4.2/ 5 score, and IMDB has an 8.1/ 10 score. Crunchyroll has a 4.6/ 5 score, and AnimePlanet has a 4.6/ 5 score.

Then there’s the concern of source product, as season 1 just adjusted approximately volume 8 chapter 73 of Ken Wakui’s initial manga series, with season 1 episode 24 covering just the very first half of the initial manga.

The great news for fans is that, since June 19th, Japan had actually released 28 volumes and 258 chapters, which suggests there must suffice source product for a minimum of 2 more anime seasons!

Prior to the main statement, there were reports that season 2 of Tokyo Revengers was currently in the works. This was because of the truth that Tatsuhisa Suzuki’s skill management service informed Yahoo News Japan that “production of the second season of the anime has already begun.”

Suzuki has actually now been changed by Masaya Fukunishi due to a reduction in his health and claims of an adulterous intermediary with a female associate.

The release window for Tokyo Revengers Season 2 has actually been validated

While news of the Christmas Conflict Arc being adjusted was hailed by all Tokyo Revengers fans, no release date for season 2 was revealed at the December Jump Festa occasion.

However, a brand name brand-new teaser trailer for the next 2nd season has actually simply been launched online, suggesting that the popular anime series will return in January 2023.

Unfortunately, no accurate date has actually been revealed, however it is safe to presume that the anime will go back to its typical airing block in Japan.

Season 2 will likewise be simulcast worldwide on Crunchyroll start in January 2023, with episode 1 most likely premiering on Saturday, January 1st or Saturday, January 8th.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2’s quantity of episodes has actually likewise not been validated; season 1 aired 24 episodes over 2 successive seasons (three-month programs blocks).

How to Read the Original English Manga Series

If you can’t wait on season 2 of the Tokyo Revengers anime to come out, you might check out the initial and continuous manga series rather.

While Japan has actually released 28 total Tankobon volumes, just 26 of them are now offered in English (release dates for the staying volumes in English stay TBA).

Comixology Unlimited, INKR, INKYPEN, Kindle Unlimited, and Mangamo are all currently providing streaming access to the series from Kodansha.

Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, BookWalker, Google Play, Izneo, Kobo, My AnimeList, and Nook likewise offer digital copies.

This month, a brand-new mobile video game will be launched

Surprisingly, the last declaration from the Jump Festa 2022 occasion was that a Tokyo Revengers- themed mobile computer game remains in the works.

The main declaration supplied no information about the video game’s point of view plot, however it has actually now been exposed to be a three-match guidelines puzzle video game starring the ‘Chibi’ equivalents of the primary Toman gang.

A URL was likewise provided that causes the ‘Tokyo Revengers Game’ site, which is now just offered on Google Play with iOS assistance coming quickly.

According to reports, the video game will be launched on June 24th.

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