Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 10th May 2022 Angad Maan Shoots Tejo?


The 10th May 2022 episode of Udaariyaan is bringing the high voltage drama in addition to some excessive activities that will make you feel astonished for sure. As Tejo is prepared to take her vengeance on Angad Mann due to the fact that she has actually familiarized that he was the one whose prime participation was guaranteeing all these, he implicated Fateh and Jasmine of all that while taking the assistance of his conspiracy under the shed of innocency. But now nobody might control Tejo as whatever has actually been available in front of her with the proof.


At the very same time, Angad Mann is preparing something huge as he does not wish to see Tejo with Fateh, and for that reason, he is making something deadly versus her due to the fact that this time he will not take any opportunity withTejo Therefore, he brings his weapon out and states that he has actually fed up with all these and now the minutes have actually gotten here which will wind up their story. Meanwhile, he believes that at the time of butchering them he will absolutely thank Fateh as he is the one who made him familiarized that Tejo lives and absolutely nothing had actually taken place to her.

Meanwhile, Angad Mann admits his love too by discussing that he liked her a lot however she did not appreciate that, so, for that reason, if he can not get her then nobody has a right to get her. In short, his psychoses are plainly appearing on his face which shows that he has actually lost his senses under latest thing of his anger. Then he shoots Tejo’s representation which he published in front of while questioning that no matter what occurs today nobody will pertain to conserve her andFateh But someplace they 3 understand about Angad Mann and for that reason perhaps they have actually prepared something too.

In the previous episode, as the audiences have actually enjoyed, Tejo has actually recognized the errors that she has actually made just recently while implicating Fateh and Jasmine, while they did refrain from doing even a single thing versus her and her household. Therefore, she has actually broken down in tears too and Fateh consoled her by exposing the fact about Angad Maan as he was the one who attempted to eliminate her, and put the blame on them so that, nobody might question him. So do not miss out on streaming it on Colors at the appropriate time and for more information remain tuned with us.

Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 10th May 2022 Angad Maan Shoots Tejo?.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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