Udaariyaan Today’s Written Update 14th May 2022: Tejo Reveals The Truth


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Hello, all of the every day cleansing soap enthusiasts, finally your preferred Television drama “Udaariyaan” has actually shown its ace of location whereas reversing the story the other method up. Yes, you heard correct, by method of the approaching broadcasting you’ll grow to be the witness of something charming, as Tejo has are offered entryway of the total Virk’s whereas bring the garments of a policeman. Everyone will get surprised to see her in such a method, as an outcome of they weren’t prepared for that she’s going to make her appear like this, as they ere at first consider her worthless nevertheless because she got here forward it left everyone in a remarkable discussion.

Udaariyaan Today's Written Update 14th May 2022: Tejo Reveals The Truth

At the similar time, Khushbir Singh includes her and attempts to hug her as he considers her his child nevertheless spontaneously she stops him by stating that she simply isn’tTejo But Khushbir states that his eyes could not be misinforming so please stop controling him, as he knows the entire lot currently. But she is determined in her expressions by discussing that it does not matter what happens they might not act like this to her. Even the rest of the home comes and asks Tejo why she is acting like a complete stranger to them, despite comprehending that they look after her, nevertheless she does not respond in any regard.

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Meanwhile, Taniya releases the entire lot by making everyone view that she is Taniya Gill a doppelganger of Tejo and she or he got here right here to look for out the truth behind Tejo’s murder. So there isn’t any wish to consider her as their child or daughter-in-law as an outcome of she simply isn’t the similar person they’re contemplating of, she shows them her recognition card as a policeman and asks to stay away for a long time, so long as she discovers something robust behind her death. Khushbir Singh will get comprehended that perhaps she is right as an outcome of if Tejo comes so she may make her stop like her.

In the earlier episode since the audiences have actually streamed, Taniya made Fateh view that she simply isn’t a Tejo so he does not need to make any idea. Even she reveals her sorrow is dropping Amrik as he lost his life whereas conserving her from Angad Mann nevertheless makes favorable that he’ll get an appropriate sentence for slaughtering Amrik in such a method. In fast, she has actually closed the chapter of Angad Mann whereas sending him behind the bars. So do not miss out on streaming it on Colors on the correct time and for additional details keep tuned with us.


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