VIEW: Apostle Suleman Leaked Video Viral on Twitter Leave Reddit Scandalized


WATCH: Apostle Suleman Leaked Video Viral on Twitter Leave Reddit Scandalized: Apostle Johnson Suleman has actually been pulled into the spotlight zone of the media by a music artist calledStephanie Otobo Suleman is feeling the heat of the spotlight because he has actually been implicated of a fatal plot byStephanie Otobo Stephanie exposed him in the media by sharing some images and she likewise promised to share a video of his misbehaviours. This news appeared on the web simply a while earlier and we have actually covered all the crucial elements of this story in this brief period of time. You are recommended to check out down every area of this column to check out the matter and be informed on this matter. Be sticky with this page for a while to take a look at the offered listed below departments of this column. Swipe down the page to find out more. Follow More Update On

Apostle Suleman Video

Apostle Suleman Leaked Video

Stephanie Otobo redeemed Suleman in news when again. It has actually been a number of years because she opened about her physical relationship withApostle Johnson Suleman However, Johnson is Senior Pastor and General Overseer of OFM (Omega Fire Ministries International). But the story began breathing fire on social networks when Stephanie Otobo took control of Twitter to implicate the senior pastor. Kindly take a look at the following area to read what she stated about him in the current Twitter post.

Apostle Suleman Leaked Video Viral On Twitter and Reddit

On Monday a tweet originated from Stephanie Otobo’s side in which she implicated General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International of trying to eliminate her. However, the music artist likewise released some screenshots of video calls and intimate images. Moreover, Stephanie likewise attempted him to reject that he is not in the image and there is no connection in between him and those images. She estimated, “Can you deny this? Can you deny your fingernail and the scar on your left thigh?” If we sum it us she completely slammed him with the strings of evidence and images. Kindly check out down the next area to get more.

Apostle Suleman Leaked Video Explained

She likewise tweeted, “if these pictures were fake, how did I gain the pictures of thigh scar that are not public, and why did I release this kind of images of him?” She even more included, “Suleman has done everything to ruin my life but God is there who is watching everything. I will also release a video that will reveal everything that happened.” Stay tuned to this site for additional advancements.

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