Watch World’s Largest Freshwater Fish Giant Stingray Viral Video Trending


An unusual event occurred in Cambodia when some anglers captured a substantial stingray. The images and videos of the enormous sea animal are walking all over social networks. It is being stated that the stingray has actually produced another world record for the biggest freshwater fish tape-recorded up until now. Some of the videos of the massive stingray are trending all over social networks. It was captured by an angler in Cambodia while he was fishing in the freshwater however he got awestruck after discovering this monstrous stingray. Get more details on World’s biggest Stingray video.

World's Largest Freshwater Fish Giant Stingray

The male who captured the stingray notified the biologists about the animal he has actually been found. The officers reached the scene and they were even amazed while examining the sea animal. The researcher discovered that it was 13 feet long and weighs around 300kg. In addition to this, the stingray was discovered on 13th June in the Mekong River in Cambodia’s northeast, south ofStung Treng After that, the video and images of the stingray got extensively spread out on different social networks platforms.

Before the biggest stingray, it was a catfish holding the title of the greatest freshwater animal. The catfish was around 293kg heavy found in the exact same river of Thailand back in the year 2005. The news premiered on the regional news channel of Thailand revealing the video of the stingray likewise published on YouTube revealing a group of regional individuals and biologists tape-recorded decreasing the tarpaulin off the stingray leaving her back into the river. People in the video leaving her in the water are being heard in the video biding farewell to the huge river animal.

As we pointed out above an angler who came from northern Cambodia was extremely amazed after a huge stingray stuck in his hook and when he raised the hook he found the biggest animal in the lake worldwide. The 13 feet long stingray weighs around 661 pounds. The reports of among the considerable wildlife broadcasters National Geographic launched details that shared that the stingray was caught on 13th June of the continuous year on Koh Preah island on the Mekong River in the Stung Treng location.

The angler who discovered the fish was recognized asMoul Thun The 42 years aged Thun notified the professionals simply after his hook caught the stingray. We will return to you with more details and updates.

Watch World’s Largest Freshwater Fish Giant Stingray Viral Video Trending.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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