Wendy Williams Claims She Won’ t Watch Sherri Shepherd’s Upcoming Show


Sherri Shepherd’s brand-new daytime chat program appears to have actually currently lost one fan. Wendy Williams began to Fat Joe throughout a sit-down interview that, while she misses out on The Wendy Williams Show, she will not be signing in to Sherri anytime quickly.

“I wish I could be there. I wish I could be there right now to discuss it “She revealed this to the rapper in an interview published on Friday, May 6. “I’m glad I’ll be able to talk about it when I go back, you know?” When Wendy Williams was required to take a prolonged hiatus due to a series of health troubles, Sherri Shepherd would take control of the famous chatfest’s schedule with her own talk program.

Wendy Williams prepares to return

Now, the previous radio DJ seems suggesting that the program isn’t dead and buried. Wendy Williams didn’t be reluctant when asked if she indicated a completely brand-new series or if she prepared to go back to her previous program. “I’m going to The Wendy Williams Show,” she specified absolutely. “Absolutely. Without a doubt.” Wendy Williams isn’t persuaded about Sherri Shepherd’s brand-new program. She even disrupted the podcaster to criticise another talk program speaker.” I’m not going to view her since I understand what she’ll be doing, which’s not truly my thing … you understand what I indicate?” she murmured, rapidly returning her focus to her own future objectives. “But I enjoy having my own show. And I adore how many people like watching it all the time.”

 Wendy Williams Show
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Wendy Williams hinted about a huge return at Met Gala

This isn’t the very first time Wendy Williams has actually hinted about a huge return forThe Wendy Williams Show At a Met Gala afterparty previously today, the 57-year-old seemed back to her old self, looking much better than ever. When asked by a professional photographer if she prepared to go back to tv quickly, she stated, “Obviously! Wendy Williams’ show will go on in perpetuity!” The distressed tv star appeared to have high expect her huge return. She was just recently seen happily speaking with economist Baruch Shemtov on her continuous legal battle with Wells Fargo and her go back to tv.

Wendy Williams Claims She Won’ t Watch Sherri Shepherd’s Upcoming Show.For More Article Visit Purplesgem

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