Yellow brick highway discovered in Pacific Ocean called ‘road to Atlantis’


A strange building and construction of rocks that looks like the notoriously imaginary ‘yellow brick road’ was not too long ago stumbled– or perhaps drifted– upon by deep-sea scientists on the Pacific Ocean ground.

The undersea course found off the coast of Hawaii has actually been jokingly referred to as the ‘road to Atlantis’ and audiences are extremely fascinated by the interesting development.

Find out what researchers required to state about their interesting discovery that has actually been called as a path most likely leading to prolonged lost Atlantis.

Unsplash: Mikhail Preobrazhenskiy

Yellow brick highway discovered in Pacific Ocean

A lot of marine researchers discovered an odd yellow brick course on the behind of the Pacific Ocean when the labor force was watching out to examine undersea buildings typically referred to as seamounts– formed by volcanic workout, NDTV evaluations.

As shown in EVNautilus‘ YouTube video, the crew of Exploration Vessel Nautilus caught sight of a strange-looking formation while studying an area of the Pacific Ocean called Liliʻuokalani Ridge, located in the United States’ Papah ānaumokuakea Marine National Monument.

While recording their findings stay, the researchers had actually been shown coming throughout a development that initially appeared to be a manufactured brick highway with unique rectangle-shaped blocks.

Strange rock development called ‘road to Atlantis’

Scientists jokingly questioned if the yellow brick course found on the behind of the Pacific Ocean might extremely well be the ‘road to Atlantis’, an imaginary island discussed by Plato, a thinker throughout the 5th century BCE, round 2,400 years in the past.

The lost metropolitan area of Atlantis was declared to be a royal superpower within the historic world, having over 10,000 chariots and many bulls and elephants.

As the team spotted the development, a scientist on the radio will be heard explaining the path as “the road to Atlantis,” earlier than another researcher reacts by asking in case they indicate“the yellow brick road” Watch this take place in EVNautilus’ YouTube video.

How the undersea course was actually formed

What might appear like a yellow brick roadway to the legendary city of Atlantis is actually simply an example of ancient active volcanic geology, the team discussed.

In the caption of the YouTube post, EV Nautilus cleans up the confusion:

“At the summit of Nootka Seamount, the team spotted a ‘dried lake bed’ formation, now ID’d as a fractured circulate of hyaloclastite rock – a volcanic rock shaped in high-energy eruptions the place many rock fragments settle to the seabed,”

The labor force in addition state that the “unique” sample of fractures within the rock, offering it its patched development, may be the outcomes of duplicated cooling and heating with time on account of a variety of volcanic eruptions.

Their expedition of the never-before-surveyed area assists scientists take a much deeper have a look at life on and throughout the rocky slopes of the deep, historic seamounts.

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